Follow me as I chronicle my journey to complete my extensive backlog of unbeaten video games. You can see the complete list to the right, or go to backloggery.com/neuteboom to see my full collection of finished and unfinished games. Here are some ground rules for completing my task:

  1. You can find my full catalog on backloggery.com, though I will also be keeping a running list on this site.
  2. The goal is to beat the games, but if I feel it can be reasonably done, I will also try to complete it. As in, do 100% of the content, as far as can reasonably achieved. See backloggery.com if you don’t know what I’m talking about.
  3. Some of the games on my backlog are actually owned by my brother, though I tend to include them all for completion. I might choose to drop them later if I realize I’m really not into them at all.
  4. I own several sports games by random chance, but let’s face it – I don’t consider them real games, and neither do you probably. I doubt I’ll be playing them any time soon, so most of them are excluded from the list.
  5. In general, if I start a game, I like to finish it. This might include games I started with my room mates (such as Gears of War or Heavy Rain) that I don’t actually own, but would still like to say I finished.
  6. Some games are unbeatable by their very nature (ie. my Atari games). The rule I follow is that if the game doesn’t have implicit goals, then I won’t make up any for them.
  7. Browser and mobile games do not count. I barely play them regardless. The exception is if they are mobile ports of already existing console or PC games.

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  3. elcoldtown says:

    Hey! It’s Serge. I just discovered your blog this weekend. Love your obsession (in a good sense) with the backlog and how you tackle it. Although you haven’t posted for a long while, I figured you might find our service useful, it’s here → https://rawg.io, basically a fancier version of Backloggery/Grouvee with a lot more features and it also has the largest games database out there. Let me know what you think!

    • Matthew Neuteboom says:

      Thanks elcoldtown, your message is encouraging! I have been pondering getting back into game reviews for a while now. In the very least I’ll be heading to PAX East soon to cover that for my annual coverage for the blog.

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