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Battlefield 1: Nothing Is Quiet On The Western Front

Tim mows down a trench full of soldiers from a zeppelin gunner’s nest. I blow up a plane mid-air using a tank shell. A horse gallops by at full trot, both it and its rider aflame. These are just a … Continue reading

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Mario is Missing: Mario Meets Edutainment

My generation’s baptism into the bizarre world of ‘edutainment’ came with our school-mandated curriculum of the Oregon Trail series. Sure, it was supposed teach you about pioneers, but the designers made a crucial mistake – it was actually fun as hell to play. This basically guaranteed two … Continue reading

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Perfect Dark: The Swan Song of the Nintendo 64

In the beginning, there was Goldeneye 007, and it was good. The year was 1997, and console shooters were formless and empty. Thus Rare said “Let there be objectives.” And so it was. And Rare blessed the players with free … Continue reading

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The Gears of War trilogy: Instant Fun, Just Add Friends

I hope you’ll forgive the laziness of critiquing an entire series of games in a single review, but I didn’t feel compelled (read: motivated enough) to analyze my thoughts on each game in separate posts. Over the last weekend I … Continue reading

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Super Smash Bros.: For fun or for glory?

More than anything else in the new Super Smash Bros., I am most looking forward to the newly implemented For Fun or For Glory Multiplayer. I can’t say Nintendo has been entirely loyal to their hardcore fanbase in recent years, … Continue reading

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