Let’s Play: Super Meat Boy

So I continued my trend today by picking up where I left off in Super Meat Boy. This was also at the suggestion of my room mate Andrew Banks, who was also kind enough to do commentary with me on my first ever Let’s Play voice over! Woooo! Seriously, we’ve been wanting to do one of these for months now, but we didn’t really have the infrastructure set up to upload anything until now. This is definitely a big milestone for both of us.

Let me tell you, making a Let’s Play video is definitely not as easy as it looks. Those guys on YouTube like Egoraptor and JonTron are serious professionals. Trying to be witty while focusing on a game is tough. It’s easy to be funny while you’re relaxed with friends, but doing it in front of the mic is a whole other ballgame. We tried our best to be entertaining of course. Thankfully it’s easier to talk naturally about our lives than it is to force humor, so I think the video came out quite enjoyable.

The game? Oh right, of course. So I actually bought Super Meat Boy for no other reason than I was bored at work one day and thought I might want to play it that night when I got home. I think it was about $2.99 and I can’t even buy a crappy sandwich at Subway for that much money, so I thought it was worth it. I wound up playing it many months later and got to the last world, Rapture, before putting it down and getting distracted.

The first ten minutes of game play I was really struggling with the level I was stuck on from before. Right around the 11 minute mark I managed to beat it, and things go fairly smoothly from there on out. Skip to around 49:37 if you’d like to see my favorite part of the video, where I narrowly miss a hail-mary run through a damn tough level (though I beat it soon after). I thought we might wind up beating this by the end of the video, but the heat in my room got to us and we wound up just calling it a night. Next time for sure.

In future videos I plan on tweaking the audio levels more. The music is a bit too loud in some places even though we turned it down a lot already. This is what experimentation is all about though.

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