Let’s Play: Super Meat Boy, Part 2

Well it was quite an eventful weekend for me, so I wound up not really touching my backlog for the most part. In between the Ubisoft and Sony E3 conferences last night, though, Andrew and I jumped back on Super Meat Boy to see if we could hammer out the last couple of levels in under an hour. Turns out we had quite a bit of difficulty on level 16, and it took us way, way longer to finish it than we expected. In order to cut down on some of the boring game play, I fast forward through most of it in the video. I hope you enjoy the spectacle of it.

After that, the remainder of world 5 goes by at a regular pace. It does take us some time to figure out the trick on level 18, but produced nowhere near the level of frustration that level 16 did. The worm bosses turned out to be my favorite part of this sitting, though. Once you found out how to beat them, there really isn’t anything more satisfying than hearing them get ground through a row of saw blades. Even though it was probably the easiest boss so far, it was much more fun than the rote memorization of the world 4 boss (literally, the boss from Hell).

After all of that though – surprise! Rapture actually wasn’t the final world! There’s still another whole world to go, though this one only has about 5 levels and does not seem to be as frustrating. Andrew claims he completely forgot about this world, though maybe he just didn’t want to ruin the surprise. We should have stopped it there, but we wanted to push forward and wound up spending another whole 10 minutes on the first level alone. Eventually Andrew needed to go get ready for the Sony conference and we ended it pretty unceremoniously after I beat the first level. Next time will be the last, we swear!

In other news: our video has an intro! The song was actually suggested by Andrew, and I thought it would be hilariously appropriate. I may do something more fancy later on, but for now this works out pretty well for what we need.

The video and audio quality is slowly improving, but both Andrew and I think it needs more work. The audio levels seem to jump randomly at points, and when we scream into the mic there’s still some really bad clipping. Fortunately I lowered the volume at those points so our yells won’t rupture your ear drums. The video is another thing. We have it on max capture quality and render it in MP4, but it still doesn’t really look too good. It’ll have to do for now, but I may have to invest in a computer capture card in the future.

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