Let’s Play: Super Meat Boy Part 3


Patience certainly has its rewards.  After hours of hard work and sacrifice, Andrew and I finally beat Super Meat Boy. While both of us had a hell of a good time playing through the game, I don’t think either of us were expecting the level of challenge we faced during the last couple of levels, including the ones we beat during our previous Let’s Plays. On top of that, we only achieved the minimal level of completion in this game. If we really wanted to get serious, we’d have to do all of the bandages, the A+ times, the dark world, and all of the hidden portals. Not to mention the unlocked seventh world, Cotton Alley, which I’m not even going to try to attempt to do (for now, perhaps….). Super Meat Boy is truly not a game for the faint of heart.

This time around I’ve split up our final playthrough into multiple videos. This should facilitate viewing and also allow you to skip around a bit more. I’ve already stated most of my thoughts on the game on my previous blog posts, so simply enjoy the videos. More fun videos to come later this week as our co-op buddies and

Episode 3: The End (But Not Really)

Wherein we continue our progress in the final world and manage to beat level 2.

Episode 4: Curse You, Omega!

Wherein Andrew and I get stuck on the last level and wind up spending 30 minutes trying to beat it.

Episode 5: The Final Countdown

Wherein we beat the final boss only to realize that there is an escape sequence level after the final boss.

Episode 6: Sweet Victory

Wherein Andrew gives up and goes to bed and I beat the final escape sequence by myself.

Note: This episode seems to have some severe audio issues after the escape sequence is triggered. I believe this was the game and not my audio equipment. Since I do not talk much at all this entire episode, turning down the volume may be the best option.

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