Review: Hard Reset

So I managed to get a little bit of game time in after last night’s episode of Game of Thrones. As expected, the final level was nice and short and I was through it in about 20 minutes. The boss itself was actually rather easy to beat – I don’t even think I needed a health pickup the entire time I was playing. Perhaps I should have stuck it out on normal mode after all.

Overall Hard Reset was an entertaining game, and that’s all it really needs to be in my opinion. I really enjoyed it toward the end when the level design got better. What’s great about this game is that the pace never really slows down too much. After each fight there’s ample ammo and health to pick up, so really all you need to do is focus on surviving the fight, rather than converving for the long-haul. Sadly, I still cannot tell what is going with the story, but I’m okay with that.

Rather than take screenshots, I managed to record my entire session for your viewing pleasure. Because the game crashed last time, I actually got sent back to a prior checkpoint, so you get to see the end of the previous level in addition to the final boss.

Sadly, there’s no commentary just yet. Still getting my equipment set up for recording. In the future I will probably add in some audio commentary to make a nice Let’s Play video out of it.

So where to go from here? If I follow the trend and pick up games I’m close to finishing, Super Meat Boy might be on the plate (last world), or possibly the original Medal of Honor for the PS1 (on the last level for that one too). Or if I’m looking to clear out my Origin games next, I might go in for some Mirror’s Edge, which has remained completely unplayed. Stay tuned!

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