Can I finish my backlog by my 25th birthday?

June will mark the first anniversary of this blog, and depending on how many games I play in the next few weeks, it may just mark the end of it. The number of unfinished games in my collection is winding steadily downward. If we ignore the “co-op only” games in my Steam catalog, I have just about 15 left to beat. Many of those are halfway done as well. Among the games nearing completion are:

– Alpha Protocol
– Super Smash Bros. for 3DS
– Crash Bandicoot
– WarCraft III
– Gunpoint

My 25th birthday is on May 22. I wonder – is it enough time to clear out the rest of my games? I began this blog with roughly 75 games in various states of completion. Now, roughly a year later, I’m down to a handful of them. Some of those games only took me a few days to beat. Others, like Scribblenauts, took a firm application of discipline and patience to get through. The games left on my backlog are a healthy mix of both, so it’s tough to make an accurate estimate of how much time I have left on them.

I’ve got 56 days until May 22, and about 15 games left on the backlog. That means beating a game once every four days. Possible? Most certainly. Tough? Most likely as well. An awesome way to celebrate a 25th birthday? Hell yes.

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  1. Drewes says:

    nice work Matt. but I demand that you continue writing articles in some capacity, I enjoy reading your opinions on the games you play. Even if they are different than my own opinions.

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