And Then There Were Two


Wow, I’ve done a pretty bad job of reviewing the last couple of games left on my backlog. Nevertheless, I’m pleased to say that there are only two games left between me officially completing my backlog of games. The two lucky winners are Black & White for the PC and the classic Xbox 360 game Dead Rising.

So far, Tim Lee and I have been having a good time making progress through Dead Rising. As difficult as it is, it’s actually very satisfying making progress through the game. We’re at the tail end of 72-hour mode, and chances are that we’ll be making more progress in it shortly this week. As for Black & White… well, it’s not exactly a short game, and I’m still slogging through the tutorial isle for now.

Deep down, I would love Dead Rising to be the last game I beat on my backlog. Compared to Black & White, it feels like a meaningful game to finish this project off on. So many memories are tied to this game – whether it’s remembering Alfred trying to get all of the endings, or my brother playing through the game on his original 360. I would really love to leave it for last on my backlog. But considering how little I want to trudge through Black & White, I’m not sure long it will be until Dead Rising is finally crossed off the list.

In the meantime, I’ve been playing through a ton of games I’ve been aching to explore during this project. At the top of the list is Life is Strange, and with the final episode being released this week, it’s feeling likely that I’ll be playing through episodes 2-5 before I even manage to reach the end of Black & White.

Also at the top of my list is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. With everyone playing through it lately, it seems almost absurd that I’ve been putting it off this long. I still need to watch Peace Walker: The Movie on YouTube before I even begin Ground Zeroes, and that’s two hours I need to kill already.  Dear God, why did I make this project my job to complete in the first place?

On a side note, I managed to try out a few indie games I’ve been meaning to play on the side. I recently beat Hotline: Miami and was addicted to it’s fast-paced carnage. Luftrausers also proved to be a quick playthrough that I enjoyed thoroughly. Lastly, Gunpoint was a wonderful game that I finally finished up, and I recommend it for anyone who enjoys puzzle/action games with a healthy dose of glib humor.

If that weren’t enough, I’m just about done Darksiders as well. It’s definitely a wonderful God of War/Legend of Zelda clone, and despite its cliche anti-hero protagonist, I’m still enraptured by its characters and the universe it’s created. Even without knowing the ending, I love the character Samael. To say nothing of the voice acting – Mark Hamill is amazing to hear as your “Navi” throughout the game.

The backlog is without a doubt going to be done before Christmas – thank f***ing god, actually. Maybe I’ll actually get around to playing some games I enjoy over Christmas vacation.

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