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Jurassic Park: Childhood Trauma In a Cartridge

It’s hard to find anyone that takes licensed titles seriously these days. With a couple of noteworthy exceptions (Spider Man 2, Goldeneye 007), they’re almost always poorly made cash-ins accompanying some movie or television show. Nevertheless, during the late 80s … Continue reading

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The Gears of War trilogy: Instant Fun, Just Add Friends

I hope you’ll forgive the laziness of critiquing an entire series of games in a single review, but I didn’t feel compelled (read: motivated enough) to analyze my thoughts on each game in separate posts. Over the last weekend I … Continue reading

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Six Websites to Help You Manage and Clear Your Backlog

Clearing out a backlog takes some serious discipline. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to most people that the first step towards clearing one out should be to catalog your games, and then determine which ones to beat first. Besides giving … Continue reading

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Scribblenauts: Helicopter and a Rope

I am a grumpy, old gamer who lacks any sort of imagination. Well, at least that’s what I felt like playing Scribblenauts. I bought Scribblenauts on its launch day, deliberately visiting a GameStop just to pick it up despite a lifelong proclivity … Continue reading

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Let’s Play: Rainbowing Some Sixes, Episodes 7-10

Posted four more sessions of Rainbowing Some Sixes this week. Check them out below or at our YouTube channel. I’m also pleased to welcome our friends Randall and Austin for episode 10, bringing our total party size to seven. Just one … Continue reading

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