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Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons – Damn It Feels Good to Be Playing Zelda Again

Oracle of Seasons was a game my brother and I got for a long car trip one day when we were kids. I can’t say I remembered much about the game except I know we got pretty far in it, … Continue reading

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Back by popular demand!

Wow, looks like I got a lot more feedback on that last post than I originally anticipated! Several people, either in passing or via Facebook, mentioned some of the games I took off my backlog. It’s kind of flattering, actually, … Continue reading

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Trimming the fat

I’ve been playing through Scribblenauts lately, and one thing is becoming abundantly clear: I am not having a good time with it. It’s controls are beyond frustrating, and the puzzles, with their potential to be unique an interesting, are banal … Continue reading

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Let’s Play: Rainbowing Some Sixes, Episodes 3 – 6

It’s been a busy time for us┬álately, but that hasn’t stopped us from playing some more Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield in the meantime. We’ve got four┬ámore episodes up on YouTube, which you can watch below or on our channel. … Continue reading

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